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We have updated our website.

We have updated our website. You can see all the new ouds and listen to videos at Ouds for sale and Gallery.

We added update time to our ouds for sale page

Our Ouds for Sale page was updated. You can follow our ouds in sale.

Our Facebook Page

You can follow us to our new Facebook Page that is https://www.facebook.com/farukturunzoudshop

Our key finishing apparatus is ready.

We have finished our long planned key finishing apparatus for one of the most critical phases in oud making. Now our quality and speed are boosted while better standardisation is achieved.

Ouds for Sale

You can find a list and all the details about our finished ouds here. Please click on the image for more information...

Yurdal Tokcan

Oud taksim by Yurdal Tokcan, recorded with a Faruk Turunz Single Top Oud. You can open our sound and video gallery by clicking on the image...

Miami Newport Guitar Festival

Faruk Türünz Ouds took place in New Port Guitar Festival in Miami...